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Originally posted by Lane I've be...
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Originally posted by Lane I've been testing on PTR and will probably update this mod finally for 4.0/Cata. The good news is I will be adding disease timers because I will probably stop using Power Auras myself. the bad news is I hate the new rune cooldown system. lol Hey man just want to let you know I still use and love your a...
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the moment this mod stops working m...
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the moment this mod stops working my heart would drop.. i feel like me and the rest of my guild dk's would have to relearn how to dk without it. again thank you SOO MUCH for this mod... it's perfect in it's utter simplicity and it blows my mind that people could ever prefer any other mod over it.
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Re: New Video
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Hey man just want to say thank you for this addon. I revolve my entire UI around the functionality of your addon. I use to monitor my runes and weave in and out of aoe and single target rotations without hesitation. I've set up at least 5 of my dk friends with this addon and they all praise it, saying it has increased their dps by hu...