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File: Mono UI02-17-11
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Originally posted by zartakuz in what file i find to move the raid frame because i wanna put my action bars on bottom and put my raid frames to left side, please help me! go into the ouF_mono addon folder, open thwe cfg.lua and find these lines and adjust the frames to ur preference x left to right y is top to bottom i believe...
File: Mono UI02-08-11
Try commenting out line 8 in oUF_mo...
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Try commenting out line 8 in oUF_mono/embeds/Castbar.lua -- = 3, -- "Drain Mana" BIG PROPS BRO!!! works but i wanna try to see what change on drain mana to get it working proper. without that i doubt u can see drain mana cast.(just a guess) but ty neways