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File: MyBuffz05-26-11
can i use this addon on KOR
Posted By: kyounan
nice addon~~ ^^ but I can't use this addon because I'm playing korea.:o how can i use this addon. Can change spellname to spellID? ex) "bone shield" -> 12345
File: oUF_coree12-23-09
Posted By: kyounan
I'm Sorry, I can not speak English well.... I fixed the player's name and level comes out. And " mana . minHP/maxHP " ........ my code is --min/max or (u == "target" and targetshort) and (ShortHp(min)..' / '..ShortHp(max)) or (u == "target" and not targetshort) and (min..' / '..max) or (u == "player" an...