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File: BTex03-08-11
Re: Re: Patched for 4.0
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Originally posted by Morwo Why don't you host it here as a fan update? Nobody would mind, only if it hurt Hosting Rules & Terms. You're right, that would probably make it more legitimate. I didn't know this existed until you just said that. I'll look into it now.
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Patched for 4.0
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I hope Tiggy doesn't mind, but I went ahead and fixed this for 4.0 (4.0.1 - 4.0.6) and bumped the version to 2.9.4 since it's basically a bugfix release. (release notes in VersionHistory & ReadMe) tl;dr Working 4.0 version:
File: SnowfallKeyPress12-23-09
Default Blizzard Animation
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For those of you wanting the default blizzard animation, follow the instructions to make a new animation at the top of the SnowfallKeyPressAnimation.lua file, then in the new file, under the comment "-- Create an animation texture" change the path in SetTexture to Interface\Buttons\UI-Quickslot-Depress. Now go to the variable scale1,...