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File: WeightsWatcher04-20-10
Thank you.
Posted By: AkeGamer
I was not happy with my former spec score statistician. WW is loads better. Thank you for the update and keep her rollin.
File: RealUI04-11-10
Clock not changing from server to local?
Posted By: AkeGamer
Not sure where to go in the UI to fix this. (De)selecting in the clock ui panel doesn't seem to change it. Is 24h clock broken?
File: RealUI03-13-10
Nice...very low mem footprint and I like it.
Posted By: AkeGamer
Will try for a few days and provide any comments. But so far, I like the minimalistic interface units. Good info and not flashy.
File: Athene's Upgrade Estimator01-24-10
Still getting spam in pvp raid
Posted By: AkeGamer
When mousing over food/drink items(not all but certain ones, eg. the healing fruit you get in Thrallmar that looks like an orange and max 1 stack 20 in inventory), I get system message spam that says "You are not in a raid group." This kills Frame Rate in PvP.
File: Athene's Upgrade Estimator01-13-10
Trojan embedded?
Posted By: AkeGamer
Is anyone scanning these uploaded files for viruses? The only thing I DL'd on a 12/27 was AUE 3.10 and that's the day that infostealer.gampass found it's way onto my system. It tried to activate today was caught by Norton. Nothing was detected on the DL of the file, so I'm not 100% that it was AUE, but it begs the question, no...
File: Athene's Upgrade Estimator12-29-09
Re: Re: Spam reduced...
Posted By: AkeGamer
Originally posted by Athene_ Could you tell me what the spam says? The addon needs to identify the exact text of the enchant to be able to recognize it. on the 3.11.2 version: hovering over a sharpened weapon in my backpack. Doesn't happen when hovering over it when equipped. Feil type dmg: Sharpened (+6 Damage) (4 min)
File: Athene's Upgrade Estimator12-28-09
Spam reduced...
Posted By: AkeGamer
Chat spam significantly reduced as no longer getting abilities calculation output in the System Messages. Only spam I get now is when I hover over a weapon that has been "enhanced" a la a sharpening stone. Thanks for your work on this.
File: Athene's Upgrade Estimator12-27-09
Chat log spam
Posted By: AkeGamer
How do we disable the crippling chat log spam to the General Tab. I can't find an option for it and it doesn't show as a channel we can disable. I like the information this mod provides but the chat spam needs rectifying. Thank you.