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File: Icicle11-29-12
Update 5.1
Posted By: DVDio
Please, update! i beg u!! =(
File: ikons08-09-12
is really a great addon for trackin...
Posted By: DVDio
is really a great addon for tracking buffs, debuff. although it may be difficult to configure from the text file. the only problem is that letters like "" are not taken by the addon. (i'm using this on beta mop)
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames (MoP Beta)07-01-12
Error when targetting something without mana bar
Posted By: DVDio
Message: Interface\AddOns\Perl_Target\Perl_Target.lua:583: Division by zero
File: Icicle01-21-11
I have a question, in the 2 and 3...
Posted By: DVDio
I have a question, in the 2 and 3 screenshot, what is the addon that illuminates the spell in cd and let in fade the other spell? thk in advice ^^
File: gxCooldowns01-21-11
Really good job, but be able to or...
Posted By: DVDio
Really good job, but be able to order them for the remaining duration would be great =)
File: DocsNameplates11-21-10
Problem with r54
Posted By: DVDio
if I apply a debuff that I set to see on the nameplates, when it appear, the fps drop drastically, halting the game for a few seconds Thank you in advance for the help, and I must say it is a great addon that we can't stay without :D