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File: EventHorizon Continued08-30-12
Druid module bug
Posted By: WoLfMoon
Hello, wanted to report in about a bug with the druid module. (v1.9.5-4) it is missing a line in config.lua @33 == -- Tiger's Fury, ++ self:newSpell({ == cooldown = 5217, == playerbuff = 5217, Thanks for continuing the development of this addon =)
File: EventHorizon Continued03-12-12
debuff = {35290,50271,46857,16511,3...
Posted By: WoLfMoon
debuff = {35290,50271,46857,16511,33878,33876}, -- gore,tendon rip,trauma,hemorrhage,mangle, mangle Was going to basically post the same thing to fix Mangle.. The only thing you forgot is Stampede from rhinos, 57386 Take care everyone! WoLf
File: oGlow11-14-10
Originally posted by haste I woul...
Posted By: WoLfMoon
Originally posted by haste I wouldn't be surprised if BaudBag is the only bag mode which uses that function to do it's bidding. You can already disable bank and bags coloring through /oglow. It's not only BaudBag having issues with this. OneBag/OneBank shows the same problem: if the item is in the 1st slot of the bag, the...
File: Bartender408-31-10
Posted By: WoLfMoon
Hello, I'm trying to get a bar to show only when I have an item or skill picked up on my cursor (to be able to drop it on that bar). Old Bartender used to show hidden bars while you were dragging skills in them, or at least I think I remember it doing something like that =) haven't found a way to do that now. Anyway, there's...
File: FluidFrames03-06-10
Moving the FPS (ctrl-r) frame
Posted By: WoLfMoon
Hello, I've been trying to find a way to move the FPS meter (ctrl-r) with FluidFrames, but had no luck this far. I was able to do that with MobileFrames in the past, so that it was not covered by my bars, but after having had to switch over cause of the new bugs, I'm stuck.. Anyone has an idea about where to look for it?...
File: EventHorizon Continued12-24-09
Originally posted by Taroven Heh,...
Posted By: WoLfMoon
Originally posted by Taroven Heh, I've had that fixed on my end for a few days now, noticed myself while on my druid. I placed it between debuff and default myself. May have a new release out in the next twelve hours. Had 9 days straight of work (and only got today off because I called in sick), finally got a chance to code....
File: EventHorizon Continued12-24-09
Hello, I've just downloaded this ad...
Posted By: WoLfMoon
Hello, I've just downloaded this addon, and already managed to break it ;P I think I found a small issue with the code.. the cooldown bars were rendering over the buff duration, making it pretty hard to see at a quick glance. (the white bar was covering the orange-druid bars, and only a faint coloring was going through thanks t...