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File: Panda12-16-10
There are some updates on tekkub's...
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There are some updates on tekkub's git for those of you that don't mind being on the bleeding edge. Cat Herbs, ores, enchants etc. If you don't know how to get the updates and add them properly, it's probably not for you.
File: CurrencyTracker12-15-10
Originally posted by mikma /scrip...
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Originally posted by mikma /script CurrencyTrackerDB = nil then reload ui. That's clearing the Character I'm on, but not the one that doesn't exist anymore. I changed Potatodrood to a new name. I need to clear Potatodrood. I tried to see if /script CurrencyTrackerDB = nil or /script CurrencyTrackerDB = nil or /scrip...
File: Pawn12-14-10
I'm using a custom value set from Z...
Posted By: potatoboy
I'm using a custom value set from Zeherah's Hunter DPS Analyzer, and Pawn seems to be acting a little funny with it. It doesn't seem to consider Hit Cap. I'm over cap, and it's being weighed as my number 1 secondary stat since it would be if I were under cap. Example, At the reforging UI, I'm getting suggestion to reforge in...
File: CurrencyTracker12-13-10
I namechanged a toon and it's still...
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I namechanged a toon and it's still showing me their data. How do I clear it?
File: Faceroller Feral Druid04-26-10
A Suggestion- Use for Leveling
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I've been using this for a bit while leveling, mostly to get used to the addon and practice rotation on regular mode dungeons. It would be really useful (at least once all the abilities are acquired) to be able to use the addon from say 70-80. I'm no lua expert, but some If statements to check character level and change some of t...
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates12-24-09
1.7c errors
Posted By: potatoboy
I just installed as a new user, and version 1.7c threw a few syntax errors at me. There are missing "end"s near the end of the lua in some of the decision trees for tank/dps/other. It also said there was a missing end for an entire function, but i couldn't find it. I downloaded version 1.7b in the meantime.