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File: AzCastBar Plugins03-06-11
Filter if time is greater than 1min
Posted By: yeoie
Id love to find a way to use the aura plugins as a better version of something like need to know, or classtimer. Im looking through the LUA and Im hoping theres a way to filter out buffs with durations greater than a certain value?
File: CoolLine03-02-11
Circle of Healing
Posted By: yeoie
Im really hoping someone can explain to me how to add Circle of Healing to Coolline, the only real addon lua type knowledge i have is how to make and edit my unit frames. So im having a hard time understanding how Coolline works. Any help would be AMAZING. Thanks for the great addon and all the support! Keep up the good work.
File: oUF_Freeb05-14-10
Ouf Freeb + Clique
Posted By: yeoie
So FreebGrid works fine with Clique, but for some reason Clique doesnt see freeb player freeb target or freeb targettarget as frames that can be deactivated. I had to uninstall FreebGrid and switch to healbot because i couldnt make it so that the same Click bindings wouldnt affect my player target and tot frames? Any Fix for this?
File: oUF_Simple04-01-10
Re: Re: Player Buffs?
Posted By: yeoie
How did you get so smart!? Haha, thanks for the fast response. thanks for the great unit frames. keep up the good work
File: oUF_Simple03-31-10
Player Buffs?
Posted By: yeoie
Im wondering if there is a way to make the player buffs show just like the target's buffs do, both to maintain symetry and to not need the default buffs, or another buff mod. I looked thru the LUA and im fairy versed in lua, but im unable to find a buffs self true/false option, the only thing i can find that i think is close i...
File: oUF_Brun12-26-09
I found it thanks the debuffs.nu...
Posted By: yeoie
I found it thanks the debuffs.num = math.floor(width / debuffs.size + .5) type commands, I was looking for the number 11, but then i found this, set it to 30 buffs, and 20 debuffs, Love this addon! great layout! Thanks again Brunners. Originally posted by yeoie Can You Please fill me in on where the value "11" is, f...
File: oUF_Brun12-24-09
Can You Please fill me in on where...
Posted By: yeoie
Can You Please fill me in on where the value "11" is, for the number of buffs/debuffs shown. I would love to be able to set it higher please. Thanks for this great Layout