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File: oUF_Nivea10-13-10
My love for you is eternal for now...
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My love for you is eternal for now I need no longer stare at default frames and cry. Will test out in some 5-mans tonight!:banana:
File: oUF_Nivea10-05-10
I'm having some trouble with tank f...
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I'm having some trouble with tank frames. I tried to move them, but they keep resetting to their original position. I also don't see an option to disable only the tank frames. How might I go about disabling them?
File: nUI_Dreani_Shaman07-20-10
You might want to give credit to th...
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You might want to give credit to the original artist as well. http://www.saraforlenza.com/gallery_art.php?indice=144
File: oUF_Nivea07-06-10
Re: Re: Target font color?
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Originally posted by Dawn You mean the font color? :) That would be cfg.sndcolor = {208/255, 172/255, 146/255} -- font color, ... Hmm, I changed all of those, but only the taupe remained. I'll do a fresh install and go from there since I noticed it took me a couple of reloads for changes to reflect. Probably some weir...
File: oUF_Nivea07-06-10
Target font color?
Posted By: stormbelle
I'm sorry, but I come to you with a stupid question. :( How do I change the taupe color on the NPC target names? I've altered the other colors to match my UI, but I'm not sure where I go to edit that color. I also installed the nameplates, and I can't wait to see the pretty in my raid tonight. Such a lovely set of addons. :D
File: oUF_bloo06-02-10
Clique conflict?
Posted By: stormbelle
I'm really digging the look of these frames, but I have a small problem. I have all of my Clique frames disabled except for Grid, but I can't select a player without casting a heal. It's as though the player frame is selected as a heal target and yet it's not. I loaded some other ouf layouts and could right-click players with no p...
File: oUF_Nivea12-28-09
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Hi, Dawn. I'm currently using the previous version of viv and as such, my UI is gorgeous! But I'm having a spot of trouble. When a player has a player other than myself targeted, I cannot open trade with him. We're not in combat, and I can trade once the player has deselected anyone else. Have I inadvertently changed a setting?...