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File: Tidy Plates Embrace Darkness Theme09-12-10
Originally posted by nobgul I wou...
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Originally posted by nobgul I would suggest removing tidy plates from the addon. Just more to download for people that already have it installed. What do you mean? Is the Tidy Plates add-on packaged with this theme? I've downloaded it after your reply to see for myself, but I just see my theme in there. Am I missing something?
File: Tidy Plates: Days of Alchemy Theme01-16-10
Re: Unfortunately - It doesn't work.
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Originally posted by Rammoth Sad day... I installed Tidy Plates, then put the "Tidy Plates: Days of Alchemy Theme" folder (from the Download button, out of the zip file) into my addons folder, with Tidy Plates... and logged into game, went to an enemy to test it, and it only showed the default skin. Why is it not showing up? Be...