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File: HideChatButton11-03-11
Hide Button completely
Posted By: Oxboy555
Can you add a feature that hides the button completely? Even when faded out, it's still slightly visible. I have the chatframe on keybind toggle so I don't need any kind of visible button (faint as it might be). Please consider. Thanks.
File: PocketPlot10-31-11
Great Simple Addon - one Feature Request
Posted By: Oxboy555
Would love to be able to move the coords and clock onto the map bottom. Maybe you can put in a Y slider that adds the option of positioning these items to overlay the map instead of outside the map above and below? Great mod.
File: GupPet06-02-11
Re: I'm back
Posted By: Oxboy555
Originally posted by Gupp Ok i'm back at playing wow ;) ... my laptop died when i was able to play again :o .. But got my brothers PC while waiting on my new pc parts :) So i need to read some stuff and then ill start updating the addon as usual Is this mod going to be updated? It is by far the best mount mod. Just want...
File: ShadowedUF Aura Indicators02-26-10
Originally posted by Shadowed Eve...
Posted By: Oxboy555
Originally posted by Shadowed Even after reload? Yes. It seems unchecking under the Enable by Unit tab only works when the indicator is set to show when buff/debuff is applied/active, not when set to show when missing. My goal is for the 'missing blessing buff' indicator to not show up on a targetted friendly NPC frame...
File: ShadowedUF Aura Indicators02-26-10
I have an indicator active on Frien...
Posted By: Oxboy555
I have an indicator active on Friendlies to show when they don't have paladin blessings (so I have the 'Only show if missing' box checked). I don't want this indicator showing up in the target frame. When I uncheck my Blessings Aura group under the 'Enable by Unit' tab for Target, the indicator is STILL there. Help?
File: TellMeWhen (Fan Update)01-21-10
Originally posted by bikikitty Fi...
Posted By: Oxboy555
Originally posted by bikikitty First of all, thanks for hard working! I just used the newest update(1.2.1) and found one strange thing: If I set one ICON to show a cooldown ability as it is usable, for example, set icon type as "cooldown" of Stormstrike(Shaman) when it is "usable". Every time when you cast any spell such as "...
File: TellMeWhen (Fan Update)01-18-10
Originally posted by orbenn The v...
Posted By: Oxboy555
Originally posted by orbenn The version of this website AND the version off Curse.com are BOTH outdated. If you could read you'd know that the authors have either abandoned the projects or haven't had time to update them yet. HOWEVER I've taken the time, and continue to take the time to update TellMeWhen because I want to use it....
File: TellMeWhen (Fan Update)01-15-10
Originally posted by oody Do you...
Posted By: Oxboy555
Originally posted by oody Do you people even update your addons or read the forums before posting? This was fixed in the update posted in SEPTEMBER of last year. Dude. I'm using the latest version off this site and I'm getting this bug as we speak. Evidently it's still broken.
File: TellMeWhen (Fan Update)01-13-10
Originally posted by orbenn I've...
Posted By: Oxboy555
Originally posted by orbenn I've finished updating this Addon for v3.3. Everything that I've tested works (cooldowns, reactive abilities, buffs) I'm not sure if reactive abilities gray out when you have insufficient mana or not. Mave99's code didn't work for me, so I didn't use it. Note to modders: Variable and property names ar...
File: TellMeWhen (Fan Update)12-29-09
Still showing with no mana?
Posted By: Oxboy555
Can you fix this mod to not display the spell/ability icon as 'usable' when you don't have the sufficient mana/rage/focus etc to use the ability?