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File: tullaCC07-12-11
cooldown number shows 1sec but cd is rdy
Posted By: Velya
hello, im also seeing the behaviour blizzart and neverg describes. i use your tullacooldowncount 4.2.0 on german wow client. the cooldown counts down, than at about 1,5 secs left it stops showing the numerical time in seconds. just before the cooldown ends it flashes a 1 second timer on the icon. happens not allways but often en...
File: PlateBuffs04-28-11
lua error and addon not working
Posted By: Velya
hello, longtime user here of platebuffs and aloft. love both those mods. with the recent patch i got one lua error with platebuffs. also it seems there is a direkt problem with platebuffs in conection with aloft. the buffs/debuffs wont allways show up (sometimes they do), neither mouseover nor direkt targeting solves the proble...
File: Aloft Alpha02-27-11
spellicon prob solved!
Posted By: Velya
heiho, great work...the problem with the spellicons is gone. thank you very much :)
File: Aloft Alpha02-26-11
castbar spellicon probs
Posted By: Velya
hello, the problem with the misplaced castbar spellicons is still there. perhaps ive made a catch how to reproduce the problem. i have all of the castbar modules disabled - i dont want to see a cast bar on nameplates. (disabled in aloft and in blizz ui combat options) now, if i enable your modules AloftCastWarning and Alof...
File: Aloft Alpha02-21-11
hello, back again as i previousl...
Posted By: Velya
hello, back again as i previously wrote Aloft Alpha 4.2.2-2058 and all of your Aloft Beta (up to 4.1.3-2021) didn t produce the problem with missplaces spellicons for me. 4.2.3-2081 introduced the problem to me. (also did a clean install without previous aloft aloft savedvariables, didn t help) thx alot, acapela
File: Chaos Frame Modifier02-15-11
PlayerFrame moves to default after exiting vehicle
Posted By: Velya
hello, great addon, love it. theres one problem i stumbled across. i ve replaced the PlayerFrame but it keeps resetting after exiting a vehicle. on entering the vehicle i see a 1 sec delay, the frame jumps to the default positon but then comes back down where i placed it, thats just fine. but on extiting the vehicle it stays put on d...
File: Aloft Alpha02-14-11
hello, allready posted thist issue...
Posted By: Velya
hello, allready posted thist issue yesterday. i allways get the spellicon of the castbar anchored somewhere bottom left way outside of the frame (framewidth 40 ) at all hostile mobs. i don t have castwarning/castbars at nameplates etc. activated. the spellicons also change at the same mobs without casting something(ex. from some fire...
File: Aloft Alpha02-12-11
castbar artifacts
Posted By: Velya
hello, i allways get the spellicon of the castbar anchored somewhere bottom left way outside of the frame (framewidth 40 ) at all hostile mobs. didnt even have castwarning etc. activated. have to revert to your previous version, cause it looks soo ugly :) thx anyway for your effort, love ur mod
File: tullaRange11-09-10
how to do oor and oom coloring for rage
Posted By: Velya
hello, thanks for your great addon. how can i get my buttons appear with rangecheck color when out of rage (warrior) AND out of range. at the moment the prioritie lies towards manacheck for rage-classes if out of range. ex. no rage and oor > button should become red from rangechecker. at the moment the button becomes grey from mana...
File: MoveAnything10-30-10
Originally posted by WoWChicomalo...
Posted By: Velya
Originally posted by WoWChicomalo I not sure what is wrong but my stance bar will not show the icons for my DK. Is this a known issue?:confused: Update: Never mind I figure it out. :p How did you do it? i ve encountered similar problems with my warriors stancebar.
File: MoveAnything10-30-10
Warrior StanceBar does not save
Posted By: Velya
hiho, i love your addon, thx for maintaining. ive found 1 problem, the modifiactions ive done to the stancebar(warrior) wont save. sometimes the stancebar resets to its original place, sometimes it forgetts its new height and width. mostly does this happen when in combat and switching stances. don t know whats causing this, i use...
File: Aloft12-30-09
prob with "border target only" at hp o frame
Posted By: Velya
hiho, very nice addon. one of my absolut favourites. thank you. ive got one problem: ive activated "target only" at Frame/Border or "target only" at Health Bar/Border. sometimes it does ok...so its only showing the border around the hp bar of my current taget. but once in a while it shows borders around hp bars of mobs with simil...