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File: Healerbuttons 303-05-10
Any help?
Posted By: kaysimckay
Is there any hope that this addon will be updated? It's only partially working (just look at all the comments on Curse!) and it's just a shame that such a great addon is falling by the wayside. Without the menu (one of the features that's broken) its utility is severely gimped. Please help us healers out!
File: Healerbuttons 302-22-10
Try asking your brother to delete (...
Posted By: kaysimckay
Try asking your brother to delete (or move) the contents of the WTF folder and the Cache folder, and then reinstall Healerbuttons. I think if you download this version of Healerbuttons on a clean WoW installation, the menu doesn't work and many of the commands (including size) won't work either. I think that if you still have an...
File: Healerbuttons 302-04-10
Longing for this to work again!
Posted By: kaysimckay
I so love this mod! There are some other similar ones out there but none are as simple or as good. Is there any chance it can be fixed? I wish I had the know-how to fix it myself!
File: Healerbuttons 301-04-10
I play a priest and the error says:...
Posted By: kaysimckay
I play a priest and the error says: HealerButtons: is not a valid option for /healerbuttons Am I doing something wrong?
File: Healerbuttons 301-03-10
I can't get the minimap button to p...
Posted By: kaysimckay
I can't get the minimap button to pull up the menu, and it doesn't accept the size command to resize the buttons. They're soooo small! Do you have any suggestions? TY!
File: Healerbuttons 312-31-09
Posted By: kaysimckay
I am also missing the use of this mod. Please don't abandon us!