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File: SLDataText01-05-11
Are there future plans to bring the...
Posted By: Overlordjoo
Are there future plans to bring the calander back to this addon?
File: Sewell UI v5 Sunn Art Pack12-20-10
I also have run into some trouble w...
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I also have run into some trouble with this pack. I have been using the console version of sunnart for about a year now and I cannot get this one to load up for some reason. I even tried dropping it into another art pack and nothing. http://screenshot.xfire.com/s/91311410-4.jpg
File: MoveAnything12-20-10
Originally posted by Bytales Does...
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Originally posted by Bytales Does anyone know what is the name of the frame with the online/offline friend notification, the one with Sorin Manole in the screenshot below. Because i want to move but i dont know its name. http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r169/Bytales/WoWScrnShot_122010_012039.jpg What addon is that brick ba...
File: Grid01-03-10
Is there a way to get grid to displ...
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Is there a way to get grid to display the raid in one long line? For instance, the 5 man group grid is one line, but can you do that with a 25 man raid?
File: Trance UI (Widescreen)01-02-10
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http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/bc9f18d8922cfd5f4575184ea34ac9b226b7eb0e.png That is what I have done so far, I am making do without the KG panels, but I am somewhat bothered by being able to see through the Recount. Is there a way to get rid of the transparency? Even at the minimum you can still see through it.
File: Trance UI (Widescreen)01-01-10
It did not fix anything. I am curr...
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It did not fix anything. I am currently moving things into around the position you had stuff, but still no KG panels showing. I cannot figure out the KG panels ever. Either it works right off the bat or never works for me. http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/natural/75fd61c43c70a705555874ac78353136a55addce.png
File: Trance UI (Widescreen)01-01-10
I am having issues with the KGpanel...
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I am having issues with the KGpanels not showing up. I have had this problem with other Compilations before, and assumed it was just out of date. This UI seems to have been just updated however. I am correctly labeling everything when I bring it over, should it end up looking like this when I start my game up? http://screenshot...