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File: Squeenix02-03-10
Add this to Squeenix.lua MiniMap...
Posted By: UA-boy
Add this to Squeenix.lua MiniMapInstanceDifficulty:ClearAllPoints() MiniMapInstanceDifficulty:SetParent(Minimap) MiniMapInstanceDifficulty:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", Minimap, "TOPLEFT", 0, 0) Difficulty banner will move to top left corner of the minimap.
File: Quick Auctions 301-02-10
Hi, Shadowed! Can you add an opt...
Posted By: UA-boy
Hi, Shadowed! Can you add an option that will allows QA to post auctions at the threshold price if the market price is below threshold price? Also it will be great if you can add resize corner to the Summary window. Russian item names are to long. Thank you for this amazing addon :) PS sorry for bad English.