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File: oUF Phanx04-04-13
Sorry to bother you again AND I do...
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Sorry to bother you again AND I do recognize that you dont support PVP but I just wanted to mention this item: I noticed while in an arena my party frames does not show. Not sure if thats a bug or not or if its even supported but I thought you may want to be aware of it in any case. Again this is a brilliant addon regardless. Thank y...
File: oUF Phanx04-03-13
I was just wondering if you have an...
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I was just wondering if you have any plans to make add any more configuration options. It's a beautiful UI, I was just kinda hoping to be able to move the unitframes.
File: bUnitFrames03-22-13
This addon is AWESOME. I previously...
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This addon is AWESOME. I previously used Shadowed Unit Frames. BUF looks incredible, is clear, clean and super simple. I had a few minor issues I was hoping you could help me with. In the config there does not seem to be a way to increase the text size. The health Text is pretty small and hard for me to read. Increasing the frame si...
File: OhSnap01-08-11
Originally posted by Cladhaire No...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire No, but you have to have the unit targeted in order to get any messages. Also, test mode doesn't quite work like that.. Target a dummy in SW/IF, or a friendly target that has relevant buffs/debuffs. Should work fine. I do have the duelists targeted. I used this addon a few times in BGs during Wot...
File: OhSnap01-07-11
Not working?
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This addon isnt working for me. I tried the test mode while watching duels in org but nothing. No messages etc. Any known conflicts with any other addons?
File: SnowfallKeyPress11-25-10
Im hoping to see this addon working...
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Im hoping to see this addon working soon. Unfortunately, bartender isnt an addon I prefer.
File: OhSnap11-01-10
I love the addon but i do notice th...
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I love the addon but i do notice that at times i dont get any messages...Like it works intermittently? Also I was wondering if you could add buff warning to "thorns"...As a rogue, if you arent aware of it you end up bursting yourself to death.
File: Faceroller10-25-10
Re: Hoping
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Originally posted by Xylan Trueheart for a update to this addon and it modules. My reflexes aren't like they are anymore and any update will be appreciated. I delved into the .lua files and found the first part of .lua be fairly easy. But then looking at the individual modules will require someone with a better knowledge of lua...
File: Power Auras Classic10-13-10
Show when Buff not active
Posted By: Lowlyffe
I noticed that this option was in previous versions. I assume its still in the addon but labeled differently...but what is it under now?
File: Niconaze Ui07-05-10
Chat box
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http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y110/perverse/Gaming/ChatfailNicUI.jpg For some reason my KGpanel appears on top of my chat window whenever i log on. How do I fix this? Also Bartender is not showing the Number of Reagent for my powers. (i.e. Greater blessing of Kings, Might, and Divine Intervention used to have a number underne...
File: Niconaze Ui07-05-10
Fixed it
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Nevermind, I solved my own problem. I went through all the addons one by one activating and deactivating them till I found the addon killing my framerate. It wasnt any of the addons I thought. I turned out to be ncChat. As soon as I deactivated it, my framerate went from 14 to 52fps in Dalaran :banana:
File: Niconaze Ui07-03-10
Originally posted by rabican real...
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Originally posted by rabican really love your ui but i was wondering if you could tell me how to: 1. increase the size of my pet buttons? 2. increase the text size? 3. where you have numbers on your buttons ie 1,2,3 etc how do i assign them so when i press 1 it will what i ve put in that box? I think thats it I admit i new...
File: Niconaze Ui07-03-10
Replaced the old UI with the new one but...
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My frame rate went from 60fps to 15fps...what could be causing this? I deleted all the old files that were replaced. I did not change any of my Video settings. Heres 30fps in Dal yesterday My current fps in dal is now 8-11fps http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y110/perverse/Gaming/Sloppycitypic.jpg Heres my frame rate in Org...
File: Niconaze Ui02-11-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: New problem
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Originally posted by Niconaze Don't have any idea sorry. You can try to re-download the package and do this step by step : - Open WTF - Account -> ACCOUNT NAME -> Saved Variables - Copy StatBlockCore.lua - Paste-it in your own WTF folder - Load Niconaze profile in StatBlockCore You're the MAN! That did it!
File: Niconaze Ui02-10-10
Re: Re: New problem
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Originally posted by Niconaze Escape - Interface - Addons- Stat block Core - Profiles - Niconaze Didnt work. any other ideas. I followed your instructions. The profile was already set on Niconaze, it hit ok. the addon said for changes to take effect to /console reloadui. and its just did it again. I also tried /reflux sw...
File: Niconaze Ui02-09-10
New problem
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I just logged in today...Worked last night and I didnt change anything but when I logged on today i see this...Any ideas? http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y110/perverse/Gaming/WTH.png
File: Niconaze Ui01-26-10
Love the interface small question
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I downloaded this interface and I love it...In fact I have downloaded everytime I bought a new computer or left and came back to wow etc. Its a small problem but it does sort of bother me. In the newest download a trinket timer procs ON my character and I would like to move it...the only problem is that I dont know which addon is d...
File: Niconaze Ui01-04-10
My UI is autoaccepting group invitations
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I downloaded this UI and its great, but for some reason it is auto acepting grouping invitations with out the pop up that normally appears.. Anyone have any ideas what addon may be causing this? In addition to the default Addons from Niconaze, I have auctioneer, Outfitter, I swapped out Big Wigs for DBM, and Event alert. Not sure...