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File: oUF Skaarj10-22-12
move the castbar?
Posted By: Magless
Hi. Thanks for the great UI. I have /omf but can't seem to move the castbar. I'm a noob at LUA, and I seem to be missing something. How can I move around the castbar like the rest of the UI? Thanks again. Edit: Also, the threat bar. How do I move and / or turn it off?
File: MayronUI Gen508-23-12
expand button on bottom disappearing...
Posted By: Magless
In fact, it seems to only happen if I have to set up the UI using reflux. If i turn on the setup and use it, it seems to be fine.
File: MayronUI Gen508-23-12
Re: Re: Re: Little bug
Posted By: Magless
I'm having the same issue as this (my expand button has disappeared and won't come back after I set up my UI on a 2nd toon), but the fix you have below isn't working. Is there any other kind of fix aside from reinstalling the entire package? Thanks for a great UI, though. :) First I would like to thank you for a WONDERFUL ui se...
File: Reflux06-30-10
When I do /reflux save to save my U...
Posted By: Magless
When I do /reflux save to save my UI, it tells me "No emulations saved" What does this mean? I added the emulated addons correctly. I got a message saying that they were being emulated, but when I do the /reflux save, I get that message. EDIT: It seems to have still saved the settings despite this message
File: oUF_Nivaya06-27-10
I am still not getting any text on...
Posted By: Magless
I am still not getting any text on my bars. Maybe I am missing something?
File: oUF_lumen06-24-10
I cannot seem to move the castbars....
Posted By: Magless
I cannot seem to move the castbars. I have MoveableFrames and moved the other frames around. When I looked into it, it says they need a header or something? And that they should show when my frames are unlocked but its not showing up. Any help with this?
File: Lea's Ui06-23-10
Hi there. I tried using /reflux...
Posted By: Magless
Hi there. I tried using /reflux switch Lea and nothing happens. everything is still all messed up. Is it supposed to be something else? EDIT: nvm, im a noob. forgot to rename my WTF folders.
File: oUF_Deith01-25-10
I'm a bit of a newbie at oUF: how d...
Posted By: Magless
I'm a bit of a newbie at oUF: how do I move the unitframes? I tried the command from oUF_MoveableFrames (/mvf) but it didn't work. What do I need to do to move these? edit: nvm. Guess it would help if i got the moveable frames addon, huh?