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File: PitBull Unit Frames 4.011-03-12
Hi, I ve just found this addon a...
Posted By: Jo
Hi, I ve just found this addon and i must say that this is a very nice one fore sure, grats :) I ve taken a look at the fact that you wanted to make this addon easyer to handle and still very configurable. And i have a couple of suggestions : Would it be possible to configure the text displayed for each bar. I mean, for...
File: oUF_Gdx11-19-10
Hrm, doesnt seem to work, whenever...
Posted By: Jo
Hrm, doesnt seem to work, whenever I do that change I get the original blizzard UI. it's in the oUF_GDX folder and layout.lua file I should change this right?
File: oUF_Gdx11-18-10
Player buffs
Posted By: Jo
Hello, I've been trying to fool around a bit in your code as a good boy before asking but since I barely know anything about LUA I was wondering how I can hide the buffs that come up above my player frame? (I want my totemtimers there:() Other then that, great work here. always liked these unitframes but well, I dont like the rest...
File: Internal Cooldown Monitor03-01-10
Looked thru the code a bit but I re...
Posted By: Jo
Looked thru the code a bit but I really suck at Lua so feelt it was better to ask here, is there any way to make the background completly transperant? (it just ruins my ui with that 50ish percent transperant background :( Great addon otherwise!:) good work