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File: nUI : Action Bar [Grid Display]10-24-10
thank you
Posted By: theenak
Thank you very much! :D Originally posted by Xrystal Okay, found the problem. Another element of the change blizz instilled into the global variables. Corrected and tested and seem to work fine. During the testing though I spotted that the minimap button isn't working as it used to so have disabled it for now and will reinstat...
File: nUI : Action Bar [Grid Display]10-20-10
using /nuigd on
Posted By: theenak
When I try to change the settings to /nuigd on, I get the error message "Type '/help' for a listing of a few commands".........what am I doing wrong? I even copied and pasted the command to ensure there were no misspellings, it still didn't work. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!:)