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File: SLDT Statline (fan update)08-09-11
I will be releasing an update today...
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I will be releasing an update today to fix the haste issues, and it should address the frame width issues. However until the servers come back up from US downtime, I cannot test it.
File: SLDT Statline (fan update)03-17-11
@countbased: I am not getting that...
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@countbased: I am not getting that error. But that error seems to be coming from SLData Text, the core addon. SLDT_Statline does not have a file called Friends.lua so it could not be generating that error. @suicidalkatt. Thank you so much for your suggestion <3. I've updated the addon with your change and creditted you properly...
File: SLDT Statline (fan update)11-23-10
Originally posted by nosoup4crr I...
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Originally posted by nosoup4crr I'd just like to mention that it's been confirmed by a few people that sldt is the reason for slow loading screens since 4.0.1. I'm not sure if this is something you're aware of or something that's able to be fixed. But, figured I'd spill the beans in case others were having issues. i work on s...
File: SLDT Statline (fan update)10-27-10
Originally posted by zookii I'd l...
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Originally posted by zookii I'd love to see this more customizable. I did take it and removed the 3 stats and limited it to 1 but there was an issue with mastery so I discontinued it. You think it'd be possible to maybe change it in the coding to only show 1, 2, or all 3 stats? Personally I prefer as a melee to only show my AP d...
File: SLDT Statline (fan update)10-26-10
Originally posted by suicidalkatt...
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Originally posted by suicidalkatt I was actually going to take on the task of remaking this a while ago, I had thought of dropping the amount of cpu / garbage data by checking on the particular stats that are selected ONLY rather than gathering all the data constantly and on a broad event rather than "on ap change" or "on crit valu...
File: SLDT Statline (fan update)10-26-10
Re: Ranged Haste Percent
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Originally posted by Westieitsew I was wondering if you could add a Melee and a Ranged Haste Percentage to the list of stats to choose from. As a hunter the ranged haste scope only applies to well our ranged haste. Otherwise thank you very much for continueing this addon :D I will work on adding this. Thanks for the suggestion :)
File: Skada Damage Meter10-18-10
Protected Action
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When trying to swap out glyphs on my druid I receive an error saying an action Skada was trying to perform was blocked by the default UI. I can confirm it is Skada throwing this error because it does not occur with the addon disabled and it does occur when only Skada is enabled. Again, this occurs: On my Druid (any spec) When t...
File: SLDT Statline (fan update)10-15-10
Originally posted by Sekke Whoa y...
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Originally posted by Sekke Whoa you're like famous and stuff. Am I?
File: SLDT_Statline10-15-10
New SLDT Statline
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updated & maintained version can be found here http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info18297-SLDTStatlinefanupdate.html
File: m_ActionBars09-07-10
I am only getting the main bar to s...
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I am only getting the main bar to show (and the shapeshift bar). I've set hide side bars to false however they do not show (even though I know there are actions on them) and the /extra command does nothing for me.
File: Faceroller01-27-10
New Module
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I am writing a new module to fill the feral gap. however when i log in i get the errors "No module for primary spec" and "no module for secondary spec" even though both specs are feral for the toon. also my module is not appearing under the module select option. Any suggestions?