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File: BLPConverter05-30-10
BLP not loading
Posted By: blackiceadept
So, I converted this image into BLP using your converter. Named it properly for BLP placement in the correct folder and all. But as soon as I load instead of being greeted to my icon I instead see a green box. Umm... hi green box? Did I do something wrong? I dragged and dropped the png on the converter and the converter went through...
File: ForteXorcist01-24-10
Hello, I've been using this enchan...
Posted By: blackiceadept
Hello, I've been using this enchant for a while, and I was wondering if there was any planned support for weapon enchants. As of right now, I've tried added Windfury and Flametongue to the spell timers with no avail. I know this add-on focuses around warlocks, but perhaps you could add poison and weapon enchant compatibility?