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Re: Re: Reverse Icons
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Originally posted by Mind_X Tested the addon myself, no issues found. Vampires were being properly marked. Must be user error then, I'll try reinstalling it and use it again next week. My other option is to use Vamp, but I don't like it as much.
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Reverse Icons
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Love the addon, and was glad to see the latest update had the option to put icons on the vampires instead of the victims (since we have our bitees move to their biters)....however, this isn't working. I tried last night with the option checked and unchecked, the result is the same. The addon is always marking the people to be bitte...
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Error in line 195. :) Reads: Ra...
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Error in line 195. :) Reads: RaiderLifeChangern, 0); Should read: RaiderLifeChange(rn, 0);