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File: mLootRoll1.010-02-12
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think ive got it working now, with support for the rarity colouring like the new default frames, let me know if you find any bugs, a lot has changed in how they work so there might be some, try them and let me know!
File: mLootRoll1.009-29-12
i will be updating it yea, but prob...
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i will be updating it yea, but probably not before 11th october, im real busy irl till then, i havent even played MoP yet
File: mLootRoll1.005-02-12
@Alexils sorry, i personally prefer...
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@Alexils sorry, i personally prefer them scaled to the text length of the items, and i dont really have time nowadays to start adding new features that i wont use.
File: mLootRoll1.002-08-12
i can only think you must be runnin...
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i can only think you must be running another addon that interferes with the vanilla roll frames because i cant reproduce the text being below here, its level stays the same as default, this addon doesnt modify that.
File: mLootRoll1.001-28-12
HAI HAI Addon no work right! :)...
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HAI HAI Addon no work right! :) Loot show but no name for loot! Just empty sqwar! ALSO DE button show when shift press you say work as intended all good but it no clickable and behind empty, loot nameless bar!! Please fix kthx. BELIEVE!!! http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b13/sadisticflirt/seeandbelieve.jpg hmm ok,...
File: ncCooldown12-19-11
hmm has anyone managed to make this...
Posted By: hairy_palms
hmm has anyone managed to make this work for 4.3? :(
File: mLootRoll1.012-19-11
Re: overlay
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I am still having problems with the disenchant and pass button being behind the roll frame and not clickable. Anything I can do to correct this? They both show when shift is held down instead of need/greed, thats the intended behaviour, could you provide a screenshot of the issue if thats not what your describing, and ill take...
File: rActionBar12-16-10
not sure if its a blizzard bug, occ...
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not sure if its a blizzard bug, occasionally when i switch out of shadowform, the icons for the mainbar change but pressing hotkeys still attempts to cast the spell thats on the bar inside shadowform. no problems if im holy or any other class ive got.
File: Santa UI11-23-10
was anyone else expecting something...
Posted By: hairy_palms
was anyone else expecting something christmas themed when they clicked the link? xD
File: rActionBar11-13-10
ah yea i only discovered getnumregi...
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ah yea i only discovered getnumregions a couple of months ago, its pretty useful tho, ive put loops in for all the textures in my rabs, just cause when i copy my UI between installs i always forget things other than the addon folder ^^
File: rActionBar11-13-10
this is just a question, the blank...
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this is just a question, the blank texture for the shapeshift bar. i deleted the shapeshift bar textures and put local x x = {ShapeshiftBarFrame:GetRegions()} for i = 1, ShapeshiftBarFrame:GetNumRegions() do x:SetAlpha(0) end at the top of stancebar.lua, is there anything i miss this way?, i dont have a shaman or...
File: Texture Browser11-07-10
Looks promising :)
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Looks really nice, will stop me keeping a copy of the icons about to just browse filenames ^^ think ive found a small bug though, when i open it for the first time i get this error Interface\AddOns\TextureBrowser\core.lua:51: attempt to index a nil value Count: 1 Call Stack: : ? Interface\AddOns\TextureBrowser\core.lua:51...
File: mLootRoll1.010-26-10
movement should be fixed now and th...
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movement should be fixed now and the new layout has been added. :)
File: mLootRoll1.010-26-10
ah, the movement does seem to not w...
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ah, the movement does seem to not work, didnt notice that ^^ ill fix that for the next release too
File: mLootRoll1.010-24-10
what exactly doesnt work? it still...
Posted By: hairy_palms
what exactly doesnt work? it still works fine in 4.0 here, just havent had a chance to finish doing the options change yet.
File: m_ActionBars10-03-10
found an odd issue today, when you...
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found an odd issue today, when you leave vehicle on the plants vs zombies quest (before quest is done) the line texture thats the background to the default reputation/experience bar appears and doesnt dissappear untill you /reload, doesnt seem to happen in other vehicles EDIT, seems to be fixed if you parent the MainMenuBar and B...
File: mLootRoll1.009-18-10
im gonna make a lua option in the n...
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im gonna make a lua option in the next version, since a lot of people seem to want an option to show the DE always, it probably wont be done till 4.0 hits cause ill combine it with making sure everything works with the API changes too.
File: TinyDPS09-07-10
just thought id mention, this addon...
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just thought id mention, this addon works perfectly in the beta with a 1 line change, due to the removement of automatic arg asssignment to variables if u add local arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4, arg5, arg6, arg7, arg8, arg9, arg10, arg11, arg12, arg13 = ...; at line 1989 so it looks like this local function tdpsCombatEvent(self, eve...
File: mLootRoll1.007-30-10
Just wanted to stop by and save how...
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Just wanted to stop by and save how much I love this addon! Must better than the previous ugly frames Compliments to the author as well, this is almost exactly what I was aiming for in a future re-write, and I doubt I'll do that now. Nice execution. thanks for the compliments guys :) Im not to into having to hover over the ite...
File: mLootRoll07-25-10
release version out at http://www....
Posted By: hairy_palms
release version out at http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=17505#info get it while its hot :) thanks for the beta testing everyone :)
File: mLootRoll1.007-25-10
to move ingame type /mlr, itll show...
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to move ingame type /mlr, itll show a grey panel, drag it where you want then right click on it,
File: mLootRoll07-21-10
the latest version /mlr the move co...
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the latest version /mlr the move command on the front when I hit enter it wont accept it or even register the usual "not a command" it just sits in the box any idea? oops I forgot to include the movement code in the latest update, fixed now :o
File: mLootRoll07-19-10
@Holyana there was a bug that if u...
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@Holyana there was a bug that if u holding shift before the lootroll started and didnt let go till you clicked, it would show the wrong icon, probably what you experienced, should be fixed when i upload later today. But i dont intend to make the buttons how Aschker has them by default though, i prefer using shift to change the but...
File: femtoBuff07-16-10
Really nice addon :) ive been using...
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Really nice addon :) ive been using Cbuff for ages, but recently tried this, its half the CPU usage of cbuff and does everything cbuff does, awesome in other words :)
File: rActionBar07-15-10
ah i got the textures from one of t...
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ah i got the textures from one of the archived releases, works fine now :)