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File: Broker CallToArms12-17-11
stopping and/or throttling the server requests
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Love the addon; being able to glance up and see that a reward is being offered is fantastic. The only concern I have is that there are times when I don't want it triggering LFG_UPDATE_RANDOM_INFO and UPDATE_INSTANCE_INFO events so frequently. Other addons I have then start running in response to those events to see if lockout states...
File: Broker_Garbage11-30-10
Originally posted by Kerecha I have...
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Originally posted by Kerecha I have them on the junklist to make them available to drop by shift-clicking the LDB feed (i have extremely full inventory all the time so easy dropping of items i dun really need is a vital function to me. By adding stuff like low lvl fish to "junk" list they become droppable using the LDB shift-clickI w...
File: Obituary02-04-10
Found a small bug
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on line 431 of config.lua, db.EnableForUnits.PlayerInGroup should be db.EnableForUnits.PlayersInGroup
File: Broker_CPU / Memory / Performance02-02-10
Thanks for the addon. I'm using it...
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Thanks for the addon. I'm using it to try to find and replace poor performing addons in the hope that it helps my DC problems (which seem to have started when ICC was introduced). I have a few suggestions that I think would make it even better. 1) The sum of all the CPU time spent in addons is shown; I'd like to also see it as a...