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File: DrGlenn's Aion UI06-23-11
I really love this UI. Its working...
Posted By: XxKnightwolf
I really love this UI. Its working great for me cept for one strange problem, I have 3 characters I play a lot and for 2 of them it works flawless. On the 3rd the target,player,focus,pet,and party fade to 0%. To get them to work I have to click disable on/off on each item every time I log in. I set up these 3 characters just li...
File: oUF Aion UI07-13-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Small Problem with 3.3.3
Posted By: XxKnightwolf
Ya I found that the latest version of oUF does not work with this Aion layout. Also looks like other layouts are having problems with textures sense 3.3+ But there are some good tips over at the oUF Forums to tweak some of the code to get stuff working. All this has prompted me to looking into making my own, lol. IMO this is st...
File: oUF Aion UI06-23-10
Re: Re: Small Problem with 3.3.3
Posted By: XxKnightwolf
Now that 3.3.5 is up, I have a new problem with the textures of the health bars, mana bars, and cast bars. The textures now stretch out differently, and the mana bars come out of the lines as they go down. :(
File: oUF Aion UI03-23-10
Small Problem with 3.3.3
Posted By: XxKnightwolf
So one small really weird problem, the texture in the health bars is stretched, has a kinda smeared look. Also a gap in the mana bars has appeared in the same spot on both top and bottom bars. All functionality seems intact, just kinda weird. Anyone else seeing this with 3.3.3? Or is it just some thing locally messing with it?
File: oUF Aion UI02-04-10
Posted By: XxKnightwolf
First off want to say this is the best Frames Iv seen in years. I have 2 questions, How can I change the 3D Portrait to a 2D? I changed my health bar colors back to their Class color, but when I select a player then select an NPC the color does not update, any idea how to make it update? Or make NPC's/hostiles their own color?...