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File: DockingStation (Display)09-11-12
Terrific! I can access the pet/moun...
Posted By: rythos42
Terrific! I can access the pet/mount menu now. Thanks so much for the speedy fix!
File: DockingStation (Display)09-10-12
Using Broker_MicroMenu, the tooltip...
Posted By: rythos42
Using Broker_MicroMenu, the tooltip for the menu is displayed when I hover over the icon for it, and then immediately disappears when I try to click on something in the menu! Any suggestions?
File: PerfectRaid10-16-10
Asrial, I think you can do that alr...
Posted By: rythos42
Asrial, I think you can do that already? Under the Raid Frames config click Add. There is a checkbox in there for Main Tanks so you can make another frame just for them. Downside is that you'll still have the tanks in the regular main frame as well. Originally posted by Asrial Basically, I want to be able to have two separ...
File: PerfectRaid10-15-10
Awesome! Thanks so much Clad, this...
Posted By: rythos42
Awesome! Thanks so much Clad, this will make this weekends raiding much nicer :). And thanks for including my work as well - not only does it mean a lot to me, but it also means that I don't have to re-patch my local copy :).
File: PerfectRaid10-13-10
I've posted my copy of PerfectRaid...
Posted By: rythos42
I've posted my copy of PerfectRaid here: Edit: Removed file and link since the most recent copy is way better. It will do you absolutely no good, since the mod doesn't work in 4.0. But it does contain the timer cooldown code that someone was asking for a few posts back. :)