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File: Threat Plates02-09-11
Re: Feature request / how do i get this to work
Posted By: Coota
Originally posted by Odeanathus Hello there, first off. I love the addon, it makes my job of tanking bullshit that get's bodypulled alot easier ^^ It would be nice however to get another bar setting (and possibly a name list, or going by the tank settings done in a raid) for mobs that are tanked by another tank, currently those...
File: SpartanUI11-10-10
Re: Re: Issue with vehicles, not the eject
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Originally posted by Gksaint I looked on Bartendar4's Changelog and this is what i saw... version 4.4.13 * Fixed right-click self casting on modifier switched bars * Fixed Vehicle UI button rebinding * Bartender will now apply the "Blizzard" preset to new profiles * Fixed hotkey out-of-range mode * The "NormalTexture" is hi...
File: SpartanUI11-09-10
Issue with vehicles, not the eject
Posted By: Coota
Not sure if this is also a bartender thing, but when in a vehicle such as drake in EoE or Occulus, I have to click the actionbar instead pressing the number keys that are usually bound to the actionbar. The vehicle actionbar replaces my normal actionbar as it should, but the keybinds don't stay with it. I'm using SpartanUI-263-RC...