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File: caelNameplates12-06-10
I have /caelnameplates autotoggle e...
Posted By: kisshane
I have /caelnameplates autotoggle enabled but it doesn't seems to be working when I enter combat. Anyone having the same problem? Or is there a specific setting i need to set to at interface before it works? Thanks
File: caelNameplates10-30-10
The UI seems to be working fine rig...
Posted By: kisshane
The UI seems to be working fine right now. However, I have trouble getting the nameplate to show up in combat. I know /caelNameplates autotoggle is the command but its not showing up in combat as i only want it to show in combat. It used to work this way with very thing turned off (no nameplates on) and it shows in combat. Does an...
File: caelNameplates02-22-10
I don't know if I remember this cor...
Posted By: kisshane
I don't know if I remember this correctly but did the addon used to have just show on selection? Like the nameplate only show when the target is highlight. If not, is it possible to make it to do so? And also the nameplate isn't showing horde players in Dalaran, is there a way to activate that as well? Thanks
File: caelNameplates02-06-10
Cool nameplates! I was using it unt...
Posted By: kisshane
Cool nameplates! I was using it until the patch. Once the patch was here and it stopped working. I've tried downloading again and reinstalling and it doesn't seems to work. Does anyone have any suggestion?