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File: Ion06-19-16
Yay! Now I can finally play on the...
Posted By: leobolin
Yay! Now I can finally play on the beta properly. :D Overall very stable. I'm impressed. Nothing really major is broken that I could find. Triple spec is working flawlessly! Here's all the bugs I've found so far: - The Garrison Ability button/bar is a bit broken. It is always permanently there and you can't drag the button t...
File: Ion06-04-16
Any updates? The prepatch is gettin...
Posted By: leobolin
Any updates? The prepatch is getting close!
File: Ion04-27-16
And textures are enabled now in the...
Posted By: leobolin
And textures are enabled now in the alpha build that came up today!
File: Ion04-23-16
Awesome! I'm so happy you are worki...
Posted By: leobolin
Awesome! I'm so happy you are working on Ion. I honestly don't think I could play the game without it. I heard they would enable textures soon too (hopefully next build).
File: Ion04-22-16
I've done some minor testing on the...
Posted By: leobolin
I've done some minor testing on the alpha. Some things to note: - Lua errors are disabled now by default and they removed the option to enable it in the game interface settings. If you want to toggle Lua errors you can use this: /script if ( GetCVar("ScriptErrors") == "0" ) then SetCVar("ScriptErrors", "1") else SetCVar("Script...
File: Ion04-21-16
Looks like Addons are finally enabl...
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Looks like Addons are finally enabled on the Alpha now! Any chance we'll get triple spec added any time soon? :D PS. if you don't have alpha access SLOKnightfall I might be able to help, just PM me.
File: Ion02-10-15
What's up with profiles?
Posted By: leobolin
Edit - nevermind, I just found the now functioning main menu! Profiles, yay! Keep up the good work. :D
File: AdvancedIconSelector(Fan's Update)10-20-14
This is making my game crash. Also...
Posted By: leobolin
This is making my game crash. Also almost only shows green icons when trying to pick an icon in the Equipment Manager and Macros.
File: BigBrother (Neb Edition)10-14-14
Any chance for a 6.0 version soon?...
Posted By: leobolin
Any chance for a 6.0 version soon? This edition is so much better than vanilla BigBrother.
File: Ion10-10-14
Re: Ion for WoD
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You can download the unofficial WoD updates I made for Ion via my GitHub fork of Maul project : Here This link will always have the most up to date version. It works for both the PTR and Beta realms and appears to be function as well as it currently does on live. If you do find an issue then please post it on the GitHub issue t...
File: Ion07-18-14
Any change of seing a WoD beta vers...
Posted By: leobolin
Any change of seing a WoD beta version soon? It's pretty broken at the moment. Green boxes everywhere, can't configure bars. Blizzard bars are not hidden either. Message: Interface\AddOns\Ion\Ion__Core.lua:1026: attempt to index local 'v' (a number value) Time: Fri Jul 18 12:27:30 2014 Count: 2 Stack: Interface\AddOns\Ion\Ion__...
File: QuestKing 210-13-13
Hey. Glad to see you got it (mostly...
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Hey. Glad to see you got it (mostly) working. Hopefully it's useful to someone else. When I get the chance to get back into WoW and test things I'll have a closer look at it myself. The timer sync issue is difficult. Originally I just trusted what the server told me with regard to timer lengths, but I noticed that the server would...
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates - Alpha Update04-02-13
Ever since 5.2, the custom nameplat...
Posted By: leobolin
Ever since 5.2, the custom nameplates have been buggy as hell. If I have a custom nameplate for anything and I mark it with a raid marker (skull, cross, moon, anything) its HP color will switch to red regardless of threat level. I don't have marked HP coloring enabled and this is driving me insane. Even the threat glow stops working....
File: QuestKing 202-28-12
Re: Updated to 0.72
Posted By: leobolin
0.72 fixed it for me at least so far, thanks! :D
File: QuestKing 202-13-12
Posted By: leobolin
First of all, thanks for this awesome addon. I'ts a great replacement to QuestGuru. Keep up the good work! :D I'm getting "QuestKing has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI." a lot when using quest items via the tracker. It seems to trigger randomly, but once it has been triggered it happens every time un...
File: OPie12-03-11
Re: Re: Update
Posted By: leobolin
Since 4.3 I'm unable to set custom icons for my slices. This really sucks for macro slices that don't normally have icons (such as /readycheck). Any way you could update the icon picker so that it works with 4.3?
File: Ion06-10-11
Originally posted by Deilian I ju...
Posted By: leobolin
Originally posted by Deilian I just made all the buttons on my dual-spec bars into action buttons. It seems like only macro buttons get erased when I switch specs, so as long as I just use action buttons I'm fine. Macro buttons are the reason I use Macaroon. If I wanted action buttons I could just as well switch to Bartender. :p
File: Ion06-07-11
The lost offspec bar data seems to...
Posted By: leobolin
The lost offspec bar data seems to happen whenever you lose your connection to the game, or if it crashes (as in, the logout action never happens). Every single time I've had connection issues or the game has crashed, all the buttons in my currently INACTIVE spec have gone missing. The only workaround I've found so far is to have a b...
File: BasicMinimap03-05-11
Remove Clock
Posted By: leobolin
For those of you who want to get rid of the clock (since there is no option to hide it in the interface options any more), just add this code at the bottom of BasicMinimap.lua: local f = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, UIParent) f:RegisterEvent("ADDON_LOADED") f:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, name) if name == "Blizzar...
File: Broker_Currency12-09-10
Valor Points
Posted By: leobolin
Would be awesome if you could update this to show Valor points as well. :)
File: Ion11-27-10
Is Macaroon using the latest versio...
Posted By: leobolin
Is Macaroon using the latest version of LibButtonFacade? I'm having problems with most ButtonFacade skins. Stuff like the skin falling off after clicking buttons for example.
File: QuestGuru11-24-10
Damn, does anyone know of a similar...
Posted By: leobolin
Damn, does anyone know of a similar addon? It's a nightmare to quest now with the horrible default Blizzard tracker. :(
File: Ion10-21-10
Scan for item names?
Posted By: leobolin
Is there any way to have a flyout button that scans for item names rather than item type or tooltip? For example I'd love to have a flyout for any Potion.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames08-28-10
Is it possible to have frames wider...
Posted By: leobolin
Is it possible to have frames wider than 300 units by editing the LUA somewhere? This is the only thing stopping me from using SUF at the moment.
File: LUI v307-29-10
Re: Re: Re: The Forum
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Originally posted by WaffleWarrior Meh it must be a Firefox addon because it works fine with Google Chrome. Nope, using Chrome here and nothing shows up. Edit: it's AdBlocker's fault.