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File: TomTom10-20-11
Originally posted by Cladhaire Ad...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire Added an option to search outside the current zone for closest waypoints Works great, thanks! Have fun at Blizzcon.
File: TomTom10-20-11
Next waypoint
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I added a bunch of waypoints from wowhead, and I'm having two problems. First, after adding them all, even after a /reload, it doesn't route me to the closest one first. I added them in Ironforge for example and it tried to send me to STV first instead of the one in the inn inside Ironforge. The second thing is, if I manually s...
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Originally posted by Tonyleila It...
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Originally posted by Tonyleila It's like Put Guild Back Mine's actually a good deal smaller, and two weeks older, but whatever floats your boat.
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Originally posted by Emballeur This was exactly what i was looking for. Only litle problem : all my cast's on CD goes away at 1.4s left. Sometimes i think its ready, but theres still a good second on it. It's probably my hackish anti-GCD stuff. What used to happen is a lot of spells would spawn bars every GCD since the game says t...
File: Druid Timer Bars01-06-11
Originally posted by dark666105 C...
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Originally posted by dark666105 Could the option to change the order of the bars to how you want it, be added? I've readded this, let me know if you run into any trouble with it. I've been rather busy with life lately so I probably haven't tested it as well as I should have.. :X
File: Holy Power Notifier11-29-10
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Originally posted by monty8787 Could you please add a pulse effect, as it does by blizzard standard aura-like procs? If I had any idea how I'd have done it :)
File: SocialRoster10-30-10
I thought about it. Right now there...
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I thought about it. Right now there's only two tabs there, but in beta theres like four more, and the window is basically full. :(
File: Be Quiet - NPC Anti Spam10-30-10
Originally posted by NeKrONOx Is...
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Originally posted by NeKrONOx Is there no way to save it for every session? You'd have to modify it for that. It's not meant to stop you from ever seeing NPCs talk again, just to stop them from spamming your chat log. If you don't want to see NPCs talk at all, you can turn this off in the chat log settings. Look for the Creat...
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I was able to see the behavior you...
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I was able to see the behavior you describe when I set my resolution to not match my monitor's native aspect ratio. I hadn't noticed but yea, I was set to 1440 instead of 1920. Still, nice to see it fixed either way :)
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Switching between Windowed and Wind...
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Switching between Windowed and Windowed Fullscreen makes the anchor move a bit. I have my bars 0px from the right of the screen, and usually run Windowed Fullscreen. When I switch to Windowed and back to Fullscreen, my bars are about 22px from the right, and I have to unlock them and reposition it.
File: Druid Timer Bars10-21-10
Originally posted by cpier Hey Gi...
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Originally posted by cpier Hey Gilbert, nice addon. I was using Drood Focus for timer bars, this is nice. I have a couple of comments. It seems the box where the addon bar starts tends to reset to that darkish color even after adjusting the transparency. Seems to happen on all of my druids. Also, could you make that square are...
File: Holy Power Notifier10-21-10
Is there any possibility to add the...
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Is there any possibility to add the number of holy power ? I'd use your unit frames for this, this addon is only meant to add the spell alert frame that blizzard missed and will probably add themselves in a patch or two :)
File: Raven10-18-10
Is there any way to sort bars by ag...
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Is there any way to sort bars by age, or are you planning to add this? Right now they have a tendency to jump around as new bars are added, I'd rather just sort them by age, so the newest bars appear at the bottom (or top).
File: Druid Timer Bars09-09-10
Re: Ability to hide in spec 1/2
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Originally posted by burnstone I'd like to see an option to hide the bars in one of your specs (if you have dual spec). For example, I have resto and feral, but need the bars only as a cat. This would help to reduce screen clutter. Great addon, btw :) Sounds reasonable enough, probably will only be in the Cata version though :X