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File: Clique02-14-10
Problem with Configuration menu
Posted By: ive
Ive been using clique for a long time now, and its made my life as a healer much more bearable but today I ran into a problem. I put in a new bind and it came out fine, but I wanted to change it, so I try to click on the spell name in the configuration menu that I want to delete but I can't. It wont let me click any of the spell bind...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 302-08-10
Posted By: ive
H i there, love the UI and its actually my first time posting mostly cause I wanted to see if anyone could help me with a small problem I seem to be having. Up till today I have had no problems with the addon and when I logged on my priest today I got this error: Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: WTF\Account\\SavedVari...