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File: NDragIt10-24-08
Re: 3.0.2 Update Please!!
Posted By: Nemes
Originally posted by jessicajean7 Can you please update this mod to work with the Achievements frame??? I love this addon its so simple and does exactly what I need!! Thank you! I've quit WoW for WAR... Use this one instead: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=11369#info
File: DragEmAll10-24-08
Very nice work! If I still playe...
Posted By: Nemes
Very nice work! If I still played wow, I'd probably use that instead of fixing NDragIt.
File: NDragIt08-10-08
Zieglar: please list all other addo...
Posted By: Nemes
Zieglar: please list all other addons that you have running, and briefly explain what you do that results in this exception.
File: Reagent Restocker04-16-08
great work
Posted By: Nemes
This addon does what so many others have tried to do, yet failed miserably. Great work cheeken. Any chance you could move it to the wowace SVN? I ask only so that I can have my ace updater disembed the libraries for me. I'm also happy to test out dev/beta versions for you and provide proper feedback.
File: NDragIt11-19-07
Originally posted by stqn Great a...
Posted By: Nemes
Originally posted by stqn Great addon! Where can I find the changelog please? The Changelog file in the addon directory contains the most recent change. You can find the complete history here: http://files.wowace.com/NDragIt/changelogs/
File: NDragIt10-19-07
Re: Please...
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Originally posted by Wowgamer233 Any plans to save position of frames ? The reason I ask is that some of my windows appear half off screen and I use MoveAnything to wrangle them to a fixed place. Works well but I'm all for changing from the larger MoveAnything to something leaner. Sorry... I specifically didn't include fram...
File: FuBar - BattlegroundFu08-20-07
New Version Available
Posted By: Nemes
I've made several changes: Add click on POI timers to announce in BG chat Shift-click toggles the battle map Greyed out icons are shown when you're not in a queue and not in a battleground An option to hide the "No Queues" text was added Fixed bug: calls to deprecated method Glory:Target*FlagCarrier() Download it at: file...
File: Wardrobe-AL06-17-06
Originally posted by AnduinLothar...
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Originally posted by AnduinLothar Sure, go ahead. Provided it still works standalone, with the other optdeps and I don't have to rewrite your code. ;) I've heard good things about Fubar, but imo Titan still looks better. Tho I don't use either myself any more I still keep it around to make sure I didn't lose functionality. I'...
File: Wardrobe-AL06-15-06
Re: FuBar?
Posted By: Nemes
Originally posted by Grein This is such a nice addon! Any plans on making a FuBar plugin for it as well? I'll write the FuBar plugin (just like the Titan one...) as long as AnduinLothar includes it in the Wardrobe-AL package, like he did with TitanWardrobe. Sound like a plan AL?
File: Wardrobe-AL01-08-06
Wardrobe has branched 3 times now,...
Posted By: Nemes
Wardrobe has branched 3 times now, following the 1.9 patch! Nemes is thus abandoning her Wardrobe-nemes and TitanWardrobe. Here are the options available to you: Wardrobe-AL (I use this one now) =========== - Based on Wardrobe-lix - Works with 1.9 - No Chronos or Sea dependencies - Includes Nemes' TitanWardrobe (yay) - Clean...