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File: Power Auras Classic08-08-10
Re: Re: Molten core
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Originally posted by Smacker Try the new version (v3.0.0K) Hello there, I've tried it with the newest (v3.0.0L) version and this bug is still present. The timer seems to be tracking the presence of the buff flawlessly but the stacks part doesnt. If the buff time's out, in 90% of the cases the last known stack number is stuck...
File: Power Auras Classic07-26-10
Molten core
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Hello. There seems to be a bug with proper displaying of stacks of a buff called Molten core (it's a warlock talent) - Aura ID: 71165. The problem is that most of the time the stacks are not properly shown if "show stacks" is enabled. 90% of the cases is that I get a number 1 for example stuck on my screen all the time (turning "sho...
File: oUF_Diablo02-16-10
Implementing the original ouf_auraw...
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Implementing the original ouf_aurawatch icons into your raid frames is going to be a big deal, or its easier to work it out with adding to existing druid hots?
File: oUF_Diablo02-15-10
Is there a way to implement Raid de...
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Is there a way to implement Raid debuff icons into your raid frames?
File: oUF_ThreatBar02-14-10
Could anyone give me a tip on what...
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Could anyone give me a tip on what to write in my layout lua to implement this? Or maybe how to implement it as a separate addon/frame. I just cant find any guides on what those define local ... mean and how to register them in the lua. Thank you in advance.