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File: IceHUD11-19-10
Re: Re: Invisible unclickables?
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Originally posted by AnrDaemon Try /framestack when this happens, and see which frames are located there. I did that the last time, the target health and mana bars were there, but only a very small portion of the area framestack showed them in was unclickable. The whole bar was set to be click-through.
File: IceHUD11-19-10
Invisible unclickables?
Posted By: Smoke353
I'm having an issue with small parts of my screen becoming non-interactive with my mouse. I can't get it to replicate regularly, but it happens somewhat often. Reloading the UI seems to fix it temporarily. Confusingly, disabling the IceHud (using the Enabled checkbox in the options window) did not get rid of the small unclickable...
File: IceHUD11-17-10
Click-through target info
Posted By: Smoke353
Is there a way to make the target info click through while in combat, but show the tooltips when out of combat?
File: RankWatch10-29-10
RIP Rankwatch
Posted By: Smoke353
No more spell ranks in Cataclysm. I suppose we could still yell at rogues using the wrong level of poison though. It was a good addon when it was useful =)
File: Sunn - Viewport Art10-18-10
Originally posted by Tupsi Can an...
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Originally posted by Tupsi Can anyone recommend an addon which is able to move that (or these) frames? MoveAnything works great for that. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info11208-MoveAnything.html
File: SLDataText10-16-10
exp/rep display
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experience and reputation modules would be very nice :D
File: MoveAnything02-17-10
Minimap Bug
Posted By: Smoke353
If you move the minimap to anywhere on the left side of the screen, the info panels stop working properly. Both info panels will appear in the same location and one of them will not close when you press Esc.