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File: FaceShooter04-23-12
My thoughts exactly.... I'm sorr...
Posted By: mormac
My thoughts exactly.... I'm sorry to hear that your interest in WoW and this project have waned, but certainly life is like that. I seldom post in any forum. I am prompted to so now to thank you for the years of service I got out of your creation. Thank you Crowfeather!
File: Yay Mounts07-11-11
Tried the reload function, but my E...
Posted By: mormac
Tried the reload function, but my Eng crafted Turbo-Charged Flying Machine does not show up. Thank you for a great mod! Opps nvm, came up on another reload attempt.
File: FaceShooter12-20-10
Error with 1.01
Posted By: mormac
No other addons active. Did a clean install after deleting var. Any suggestions? Message: ...terface\AddOns\FaceShooter\FaceShooter_Functions.lua:821: attempt to compare nil with number Time: 12/20/10 09:25:16 Count: 1 Stack: ...terface\AddOns\FaceShooter\FaceShooter_Functions.lua:821: in function `CheckBA' ...terface\AddOns...
File: FaceShooter12-18-10
Posted By: mormac
Had to revert back to 1.0 to clear the errors, will post again with more detail. Other addons, PowerAuras and tmm.
File: FaceMelter07-26-10
Any updates? loved this addon, hav...
Posted By: mormac
Any updates? loved this addon, havent played my priest since it stopped working, lol. Keep up the great work!
File: IntricateChatMods02-18-10
Wow, fast response! Got it, than...
Posted By: mormac
Wow, fast response! Got it, thank you. Some other stuff was hiding it:)
File: IntricateChatMods02-18-10
button for copying chat text
Posted By: mormac
Great mod! One thing, I have not been able to find the button for copying chat text. Am I missing somthing? When clicking a URL, the popup copy text box does come up, but thats the only copy function I see. Thank you