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File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates (Legion)11-01-13
Enemy class colors.
Posted By: potis
Seems the enemy class colors doesnt work after 5.4.1..Any fix? :O
File: TipTop10-30-13
There is definitely something broke...
Posted By: potis
There is definitely something broken with TipTop. I dont know which version i was using, but the moment i upgraded to the one active on the site now the FPS in the raid went down. This happened 20 mins ago, since 5.4.1 came into Europe now and i checked if TipTop had an update etc etc, i just copied the old version i had saved...
File: Tidy Plates11-03-10
Thanks for the quick reply! Should...
Posted By: potis
Thanks for the quick reply! Should really try putting that option in.. Not sure where the Threat Plates had it..but i dont recall annoying stars everywhere..Just colors name and clean percentage on the mobs as it should be :>
File: Tidy Plates11-03-10
Removing the Elite Indicator
Posted By: potis
I have been using the threat plates for a bit ~3 months or so never actually needed them but it doesnt hurt to have something telling you "Oh the 7th mob you pulled while running in this dungeon is losing/lost agroo" its actually great help and makes life easier..so ;D Anyways..Threat plates theme and the UI i use dont work togeth...
File: LUI v306-30-10
Combo points/Grid
Posted By: potis
Anyone having problem after updating grid...? Already posted at wow-lui.com Lui..but people dont always go there to check.. Problem 1..If you update the grid in 3.024..The layout seems to dissapear completely for it.. Problem 2 Combo points are broken..As they are always on they never count anything..Disabling always on make...
File: LUI v306-15-10
Posted By: potis
Sigh at the stuff you read on here..If you cant manage with simple stuff as addons..dont bother.. He took months to releases version 3 for the reason that he made it retard proof for you idiots so you dont have to write commands and everything is on ticks and dropdown menus and you are still whining... Anyways apart from that.....
File: LUI v303-11-10
For the people whining about their...
Posted By: potis
For the people whining about their FPS and others without a clue bragging.. World of Warcraft isnt configured to run properly with the new cards..New cards are 9 Series (Apart from 9600 and old 9800 models) and GTX series....and most of ATI's latest cards..(Friends and myself dont have ATI cards..But i have seen/heard the same p...
File: LUI v302-22-10
I have a small question/problem.. N...
Posted By: potis
I have a small question/problem.. No matter what i do..I cant make LUI work with a second character..No old settings..Even a new WTF right off the .rar from here..Renamed properly obviously..But the addons wont do anything after the reflux command.. Anyone that can help? :D The char that i first used the LUI with works fine...Cant...