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File: NugComboBarMakina08-30-12
Posted By: lolzorz
Thank you very much for this addon! I couldn't figure out how to get the "old" look of NCB back, and was on the verge of replacing it with a different combo point tracker until I found this. Cheers!
File: ZHunterMod01-25-11
R.I.P. Zhuntermod
Posted By: lolzorz
So sad that no one has adopted this project and updated it, especially since the author stated pretty clearly that he would have no problem with that. This being the best hunter mod I've ever used, I miss it dearly, and wish I had the know-how to get it working again. I will be checking in from time to time just to see if anyone pi...
File: ZodProc03-16-10
Great addon!
Posted By: lolzorz
I love the idea of tracking Zod-procs, but could this be changed slightly to avoid spamming up guild members' chat boxes in a raid environment? I'd love it if it briefly (.5 second) popped a little movable icon (or text, such as "Zod!") onto one side of my screen for each proc, and the ability to toggle the addon on/off with a /zod...