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File: ImprovedErrorFrame06-08-11
I found an addon that is close to w...
Posted By: lilocowboy
I found an addon that is close to what this one does. Not the same but at least I do not have those irritating error popups on my screen. It is called Bugsack and it can be found on curse.com. Hope this helps those that are looking for something to replace ImprovedErrorFrame addon until it is updated.
File: ImprovedErrorFrame05-04-11
As much as we all loved this AddOn...
Posted By: lilocowboy
As much as we all loved this AddOn and how is prevented that annoying Popup Window showing our AddOn errors it seems that no one is going to work on this. :( It would be nice to at least have the creater to post here letting us know that he working on this to be patient or to post on here to kiss their butt they are not going to do...
File: ImprovedErrorFrame03-22-11
Well since this addon seems as if i...
Posted By: lilocowboy
Well since this addon seems as if it is dead which is sad. Is there anyone out there that is good with creating AddOns that can maybe create a fix for this so it will work again just like what was done with the EasyMail AddOns from the Comose website? Or is there another AddOn that works even close to the ImprovedErrorFrame AddOn?
File: ImprovedErrorFrame02-09-11
AddOn Update?
Posted By: lilocowboy
I was just wondering if we could get an idea how this is coming and if we can expect it to be released any time soon. Thanks for your time.
File: ImprovedErrorFrame01-22-11
Yeah I really miss this AddOn as we...
Posted By: lilocowboy
Yeah I really miss this AddOn as well. I get SO tired of the Errors popping in front of my screen while questing or even worse when in a Dungeon. No fun at all. I have looked at getting a different one and do not think they even compare to this great AddOn. Hope to see something soon for this so we can start enjoying the benefits...