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File: LUI v309-07-12
... EDIT: To resolve this and ke...
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... EDIT: To resolve this and keep having the bars showing : went into toggle.lui and commented out the warlock specific methods. Hi iglou can you plz give me a little to tutorial of what you exactly did? And where can i find "toggle.lui" ? Thanks and sry for my poor english. Hi Despian, As Siku explained he is working on...
File: Dominos03-01-10
Originally posted by Tuller @cr3d...
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Originally posted by Tuller @cr3dence: Disable all other addons, and see if it shows up. 90% of the time, that fixes the problem. ._. i'm in trouble cause i use one compilation and i don't wanna change it for one addon problem... so i hope there is a different fix T_T
File: Dominos02-28-10
help :<
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hey there, that's my problem... i'm lock and i can't see my pet bar. yes, i did "shift - right click to show " but nothing... so i hope you will help me, cause i really like this addon <3