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File: LUI v301-20-12
Alot gone wrong.
Posted By: Imú
Yeah ive used Lui for a long time now and ive noticed alot of things not showing up at all, the CD bar gone, the settings say its there and ive restored default/ reinstalled addon multiple times, also the dot timer about the player UI is not showing up the buffs off/on switch sides that is resloved with the /reload ui, the bagon addo...
File: LUI v310-16-10
Originally posted by loui Its my...
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Originally posted by loui Its my wish to release LUI v3.3 on next saturday. Thats my wish not any ETA, official release date or anything similar. So if it takes longer... than we have to live with that. I love this ui and have gotten my entire guildwaiting for 3.3...we have a lot of programmers in my guild so if u need any...
File: rBottomBarStyler03-02-10
Resetting all addons >.<
Posted By: Imú
Well i love diablo and i love wow and when i saw this addon i just had to download it, i also downloaded bartender 4 for the actionbars(i have used bartender for a long time) anyways i installed this addon, and when i did i logged on set up UI how i wanted it and and then i logged off for a lil while by exitting game, when i logged b...