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File: Altoholic04-30-10
Just Curious if GB Data was fixed
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Hi Thaoky, I hadn't heard from you since I sent an email to you earlier this month regarding my issue with Altoholic not recording my guild bank information for 2 banks I use on the same server. I use the curse client to update my addons and it says I have the most up-to-date files but they are from March 9th, version 3.3.002. S...
File: Altoholic03-11-10
Originally posted by Thaoky @Ceru...
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Originally posted by Thaoky @Cerulean: No such tool exists at this point. @haremxnoxjutsu: Something is messed up in the DB. Although it happens less often than before, this is a situation where you might want to delete your SV files and make a fresh start. @Inhumane, tiggerandscoob : fixed in 3.3.002. Thanks for replying...
File: Altoholic03-05-10
Re: alts
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Originally posted by MorticiaNoire I posted on curse but not sure which u monitor most. i have an alt which i dont wish to have on altoholics, is there a way of deleting this char so it doesnt show up? i tried uninstalling and reinstalling the addon but it seems to still be there on the summary screen of altoholic you can right...
File: Altoholic03-04-10
Guild Bank ToolTip Not Current
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I hope I can get a response on this issue soon. A few days ago I had to reinstall the OS on my computer which meant all my wow addons had to be reinstalled as well. Prior to this, my altoholic worked perfectly, never had a problem. Since I reinstalled the addon tho, I can't get my Guild Bank information to show on the tool tip....