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File: BasicMinimap12-02-11
Minimap Zone Text
Posted By: Anti536
Many thanks for this addon. It is very simple and neat. My only complaint is it does not show the "Minimap Zone Text". It is good to see where we are at now by just looking at the minimap. Is it possible to add this in? OR does anyone know how to add the code in Lua to show the "Minimap Zone Text"? Btw, thanks Leobolin...
File: ShinyBuffs08-08-11
Posted By: Anti536
The addon look nice. I wondered if this addon can tell who applied the buff on me from the tooltips? Thanks
File: PhanxChat10-13-10
Social Tab
Posted By: Anti536
hi there., I really like Phanx Chat a lot, and thanks for the great addon. Blizzard moved the 'social tab' on top of the standard chat box. So, would it be possible to add the 'social tab' on top of the Phanx Chat box? thanks
File: ncHoverFocus09-17-10
Posted By: Anti536
hi, It is nice and easy addon. thanks . Do you think if possible to make the focus frame moveable?
File: gBags09-02-10
How did u do that? :) Original...
Posted By: Anti536
How did u do that? :) Originally posted by Taargkrizzt Just another quick request for an item to be moved: - Frenzyheart Brew - Is currently in "armor", any chance we could get that moved to Gizmo's? EDIT: nm I actually figured it out and moved it myself.
File: gBags09-01-10
Posted By: Anti536
Want to say thanks for the great addon. I like it a lot. I am not sure why is my 'Blue Crashin' Thrashin' Racer Controller' is put under and my 'Eye of Arachnida' and 'Tiny Blue Ragdoll' are under . Can I change them to put under ? If yes, how? Thanks.
File: gFrames07-30-10
New to gframes
Posted By: Anti536
Hi, this unite frame look good. I tried /Ulay 2 and the size is still big for me. Is there anyway I can resize the Unit Frames? If yes, please guide me. How to show the debuff on top of the player frames? Can I make the healbar thicker/bigger? If yes, can you guide me again please? Many thanks.
File: gBags07-07-10
Close Button
Posted By: Anti536
Really nice addon and thanks. Is there any Close Button for the Bag and Bank? thank you