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File: Clique06-20-18
Can't set Focus
Posted By: MorticiaNoire
being told Clique is trying to do something only Blizzard UI can do, its when i try to set a focus. This is the bug: 1x AddOn 'Clique' tried to call the protected function 'ActionButton5:Show()'. !BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:573: in function : in function `Show' FrameXML\ActionButton.lua:364:...
File: Clique05-21-17
cant get it to work
Posted By: MorticiaNoire
Hi, I have just come back to wow after nearly a year off, ive updated all addons and tried to use clique again it seems i cant get it to work properly.. OOC i was initially able to set my key bindings and cast on myself, i went into combat and only 'Plea' would work aswell as Penance i could not recats power word shield I dont quit...
File: Altoholic03-09-10
Re: Re: alts
Posted By: MorticiaNoire
Originally posted by tiggerandscoob on the summary screen of altoholic you can right-click on the toon's name you no longer use or want to have recorded and there should be an option to delete the toon. aha as simple as that it worked so thank you very much :)
File: Altoholic03-05-10
Posted By: MorticiaNoire
I posted on curse but not sure which u monitor most. i have an alt which i dont wish to have on altoholics, is there a way of deleting this char so it doesnt show up? i tried uninstalling and reinstalling the addon but it seems to still be there