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File: FauxMazzle Legion Beta (***Deprecated)06-28-16
The latest Minion is mis-identifyin...
Posted By: spiralofhope
The latest Minion is mis-identifying some other addon as this one. - Minion 3.0.2 works as-expected. - 3.0.4 (2016-06-23) shows this problem. I did not investigate further. I re-installed 3.0.2 and I will wait for another update to see if that remedies this issue. .
File: Super Duper Macro09-17-15
Hello,I've just noticed that the ma...
Posted By: spiralofhope
Hello,I've just noticed that the macro I've created, as well as the new macro I'm creating doesn't show one the list anymore. The solution was posted earlier. I know that it is in no way a true "fix" for the addon, but maybe some ppl can get a use out of it until a proper patch is released :) TL;DR it worked in the end. Strange...
File: Super Duper Macro01-21-15
Re: Re: Re: Macro not working
Posted By: spiralofhope
This error pops up as soon as I log on any toon, additionally it won't let me make/keep any new macros i make. I don;t get an error message when I use this addon alone but it still won;t let me create/keep new macros I make. 1 - Exit WoW 2 - Back up your SuperDuperMacro.lua - It will be in a directory something like this: WTF\Acc...
File: Super Duper Macro12-30-14
Re: Macro not working
Posted By: spiralofhope
Date: 2014-12-30 09:56:20 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global 1) What's the macro? Is it the one below? #showtooltip Arcane Blast /targetenemy /startattack /castsequence reset=combat/5 Arcane Blast,Arcane Blast,Arcane Blast,Arcane Blast,Arcane Barrage /castsequence reset=0.5 !Arcane Missiles /castsequence reset=0.5 Supernova /cas...
File: _DevPad12-11-14
Still using it
Posted By: spiralofhope
Although I took a break from WoW, I came back and I'm still using _DevPad. Since i found it all those years ago it's been an invaluable tool. -- I'm even more rusty than my previous break, but I'm slowly getting back into things. Right now I hit a wall with having a script run on startup. My previous solution was: local frame =...
File: Super Duper Macro12-09-14
Re: Re: Re: Re: Can't see macros
Posted By: spiralofhope
Wonderful addon. I still use it heavily after all this time. I have extremely complex macros and code which are essential to my gameplay. Also getting this creating a macro and assigning an icon to it... I did delete SDM and lua/lua.bak files and re installed, but same thing. any other ideas? I believe I have this same problem....
File: Character Notes06-18-13
I'm interested in using this addon...
Posted By: spiralofhope
I'm interested in using this addon to replace SignOn - http://www.wowace.com/addons/sign-on/ Things I'd like: - Have an option - if selected, display the guild public and officer notes alongside any existing user-created note (via this addon). - Be able to display notes on logoff -- I still may not know an alt well enough, and bei...
File: BetterReputationColors06-16-13
Oh, I'm definitely going to check t...
Posted By: spiralofhope
Oh, I'm definitely going to check this out!
File: EventBossAutoSelect06-15-13
I'm definitely going to check this...
Posted By: spiralofhope
I'm definitely going to check this one out..
File: Ghost: Recon: Continued05-30-13
update, it's not working in instanc...
Posted By: spiralofhope
update, it's not working in instances: Interface\AddOns\GhostRecon\Core.lua:138: attempt to call global 'GetDungeonDifficulty' (a nil value) : in function `GetDungeonDifficulty' Interface\AddOns\GhostRecon\Core.lua:138: in function `WhereAmI' Interface\AddOns\GhostRecon\Core.lua:219: in function
File: Dailies Quest Tracker05-29-13
I'd love to see a revival of this a...
Posted By: spiralofhope
I'd love to see a revival of this addon.
File: WhoWhisperedMe?05-29-13
This addon is still working just fi...
Posted By: spiralofhope
This addon is still working just fine, after all this time.
File: DockingStation (Display)05-29-13
Looks like it may sadly be time to...
Posted By: spiralofhope
Looks like it may sadly be time to move on to another addon that does the same thing as this one. Any suggestions? Need one that has a Center alignment like this one does. This addon works perfectly..
File: TargetPercent05-29-13
I didn't like showing anything when...
Posted By: spiralofhope
I didn't like showing anything when the unit has maximum health. So I changed healthUpdate: local healthUpdate = function(frame, _, unit) unit = unit or frame.unit local hp = UnitHealth(unit) local maxhp = UnitHealthMax(unit) if hp == maxhp then addon:SetText("") elseif hp > 0 then hp = h...
File: Ghost: Recon: Continued05-23-13
Potential fix for the Raid issue....
Posted By: spiralofhope
Potential fix for the Raid issue. I've had this coded in my local copy of core.lua line 146 as of 12/4/2012 (1st elseif in WhereAmI function). The [email protected]' are my change marks. It appears that blizz dropped the 'ID' off of the function, though I can find no documentation to that effect. I am now saving off spell lists for bosses in...
File: TypoHistory05-23-13
Posted By: spiralofhope
In case you haven't had any moral feedback on this.. it's essential, I absolutely adore this addon!
File: Super Duper Macro02-21-13
Re: Re: Re: 5.1 compatibility?
Posted By: spiralofhope
maybe my diatribe is not what he meant... that's *my* problem, lol.... I can't reproduce this, It's working perfectly for me. =(
File: Super Duper Macro12-27-12
Re: 5.1 compatibility?
Posted By: spiralofhope
Is this working with 5.1? It allows me to create and save macros, but the macro list won't populate I don't understand "the macro list won't populate". It's working for me. The only update I know of is a pre-release patch a long time ago. I never applied it though, and everything seems fine. http://www.wowinterface.com/download...
File: ReforgedTooltip11-27-12
5.1 introduces this feature into th...
Posted By: spiralofhope
5.1 introduces this feature into the default interface. I hope your addon was the inspiration. =)
File: Super Duper Macro11-03-12
Re: SDM Has Stopped Working
Posted By: spiralofhope
Has Blizzard broken this macro? It worked fine last night now it doesn't. What macro?
File: Super Duper Macro10-24-12
Re: conflict
Posted By: spiralofhope
this mod conflicts with the "Squirrels" addon. when squirrels is loaded, this addon has no list of macros. obviously, the utility of this is 9000 times higher than squirrels, so squirrels is the addon that got shut off, but it would be nice to run both. I have no solution for you, but as an alternative to Squirrels you could conside...
File: Super Duper Macro10-04-12
Any update for MoP? It's working j...
Posted By: spiralofhope
Any update for MoP? It's working just fine.
File: Super Duper Macro09-06-12
Correct, the same message is trunca...
Posted By: spiralofhope
Correct, the same message is truncated without using sdm. The only reason I don't believe my message is too long is because it still works for all of my other professions. If you look in the screenshot, the Cooking macro still works great. For some reason it just doesn't like Jewelcrafting :( I don't have a blacksmith so I couldn't...
File: Super Duper Macro09-06-12
This same issue can be reproduced w...
Posted By: spiralofhope
This same issue can be reproduced without using SuperDuperMacro, so it's definitely not this addon. Your message is simply too long and is being truncated. I can prove this by substituting Jewelcrafting for Blacksmithing (without altering the message) and I see it's being truncated slightly differently. You need to shorten your me...
File: Super Duper Macro09-05-12
Can the script be fit into a regula...
Posted By: spiralofhope
Can the script be fit into a regular macro? I'm curious to see if this can be reproduced in another way The other thing I can think to try is to put all of that in a Super Duper Macro "script" entry. So it would be all the code without the opening /run CastSpellByName("Jewelcrafting")SendChatMessage(GetTradeSkillListLink().." LE...