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File: Boda UI - Discontinued.08-21-10
Originally posted by Bodasafa Tha...
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Originally posted by Bodasafa Thanks. One warning about DXE tho if you didn't catch it on the download page. I have edited what it shows to tailor it to me as a tank, so for other classes or tanks who do different things in a boss fight you may need to alter it. Its really only messed with for ICC and VoA though, the rest should...
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.08-20-10
Wow, thanks for the awesome update!...
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Wow, thanks for the awesome update! Enjoying the fixed chatbox and discovering DXE ^^ You rule as usual. Bodasafa FTW.
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.06-10-10
Re: Re: Re: 1680-1050 wide
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I've used your UI for a LONG while now, and let me tell you that I LOVE it, It's the best thing since Wasabi. I do have a little request though, Can you make it so it shows ship health on battleship encounter?