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File: Pawn03-12-16
Ah, very nice feature - once you kn...
Posted By: Korelock
Ah, very nice feature - once you know about it ;) Handy to be able to turn it off for a recently dinged alt without upgrade resources. Thank you for replying.
File: Pawn03-07-16
Uses stats for purple version, not my actual gear
Posted By: Korelock
I've switched back to 1.9.20 (my previous downloaded version) instead of the current 1.9.24. I'm an Unholy Death Knight with standard settings. I couldn't understand why Pawn wasn't showing the purple lvl 665 Felbane Greaves of the Peerless as an upgrade for equipped blue ilvl 650 Felbane Greaves of the Merciless. Using the Comp...
File: Pawn11-29-12
2-hand vs 1-hand + off-hand
Posted By: Korelock
Hey all! My main is a warlock who can (obviously) use a 2-hander or a 1-hand plus off-hand. I'd like to know if I can use Pawn to see which is the better option? I'm still leveling at the moment - but would like to see at a glance which is the better to equip especially when running dungeons. Am I right in thinking that just...
File: Altoholic12-10-11
i may be just a little thick headed...
Posted By: Korelock
i may be just a little thick headed, but is there a way to see a toons item level? Yes, just hover over the field AiL on the Summary/Account Summary Tab
File: Altoholic11-02-11
Skill not updating
Posted By: Korelock
Hey there - and let me start by thanking you for keeping this add-on going :) I am a dedicated altoholic with appx 30 chars that I play more or less actively. However I seem to be having trouble with one character whose profession just doesn't seem to update with a single known recipe (Fine Leather Gloves). My other characters' pr...
File: Altoholic02-05-11
Crowd control, Focus and Altoholic
Posted By: Korelock
When I try to right-click a target to Set Focus on it, I get an error message saying: "Altoholic has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload the UI." Do you have any idea what could be causing the issue? And thank you for an amazing add-on - for someone with 30 too...