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File: PhanxChat07-26-12
Error whenever I hit the space bar...
Posted By: Mark617
Error whenever I hit the space bar during a tell, and only at this time with said key. Occurs with no other addons enabled. Constant spam error message in white letters in the chat screen: autoCompleteParams Did I mess something up somewhere? This is not the first addon I have ever used lol. Will delete cache and WTF folders e...
File: MoveAnything03-15-10
BG Pop Ups
Posted By: Mark617
This addon is perfect in every regard but one. Is there a way to disable the pop up window in BGs. For example, in WG when the Horde / Ally capture a factory there is a yellow pop up telling me this info. I have already disabled the zone info which pops up as you travel through a zone, which is in the same location, but still this wi...