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Originally posted by dardack Well that totally bites. Cause I was hoping to use some word that could identify other mounts that can fly/land (think the arthas drop one?) if it's just (at the moment) two of them, you could just check for their names. Not the best solution, I know...
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Re: Re: german translation
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Ok, in the german tooltip, it doesn't say anything about the location. It just says "Summons and dismisses the Headless Horseman's steed. This is a very fast mount." At least that's what I found in the german database (http://de.wowhead.com/?spell=48025)
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german translation
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MRMOutland -- Scherbenwelt MRMNorthrend -- Nordend MRMDruid -- Druide MRMShaman -- Schamane MRMWarlock -- Hexenmeister MRMBloodElf -- Blutelf MRMBronzeDrake -- Bronzedrache MRMBronzeDrakeMount -- Bronzefarbener Reitdrache MRMSeaTurtle -- Meeresschildkröte MRMHeadlessKeywordLocation -- I don't really know what is expected...
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Hey dardack, first of all: Reall...
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Hey dardack, first of all: Really great addon. All I ever wanted :) Now the "problem": I am using the german client and wanted to add a german localization file. So I just changed the main words for "Outland" and "Northrend" such that your addon will accept my flying mounts as flying mounts. Where else would I have to add the loc...