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File: Caith UI11-02-10
Re: Minimap etc
Posted By: Phylax
Originally posted by Uniiqz http://imageshack.dk//viewimage.php?file=/imagesfree/Q0O51579.jpg Hello Caith. i am very happy for ur UI but im having some few problems, as u can see i cant see flag carrier etc in a bg, and it is very anoying. Second: is there anyway i can get the buffs out of the "buffhider"? thank you in advance -...
File: Doom_CooldownPulse10-31-10
for some reason i cannot get the ab...
Posted By: Phylax
for some reason i cannot get the ability Freeze to pulse on my mage pet....no matter what i try anyone have any suggestions? found out what it is, its Bartender 4 messing with it, disabled Bartender 4 and was able to track pet abilities again. Dunno what is going on thats causing the conflict tho.
File: Caith UI10-30-10
the nMinimapClock buttons for PVP a...
Posted By: Phylax
the nMinimapClock buttons for PVP and Looking for Group didnt seem to work anymore editing it to this below seemed to make it function again button = {} button.text = PLAYER_V_PLAYER button.func = function() TogglePVPFrame() end UIDropDownMenu_AddButton(button) button = {} button.text = LFG_TITL...
File: Caith UI09-06-10
is the mod that pops up the icon of...
Posted By: Phylax
is the mod that pops up the icon of the spells when theyre ready/off cooldown MSBT or Power Auras? every once in a while it and power auras randomly stop working and /reload doesnt fix it, i have to /reflux switch CaithUI to get it running again just wondering if maybe just needs an update